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When my second daughter was born, she was really sick. My husband and I were really scared. She was so tiny and frail. We went through four years of doctors and hospital stays.  Finally at 4 1/2 her body was starting to fail her.  We ended up at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where we were informed the 5 medications that she was on were actually harming her because she was allergic to all of them. Once she was taken off medication and after another long hospital stay at Mayo, we were starting with a new diagnosis for her of a rare disease and new medication.  The new medication was a steroid they wanted her to take regularly.  We did this for 6 months and did see some progress.  However, the steroid medication brought its own issues with it, as she was now suffering from Fatigue.  She had just turned five years old and her very short life had already been filled with constant infections, hospital stays and pure exhaustion due to the Fatigue.  My husband and I had spent several thousands of dollars on medications and hospital stays and that was WITH insurance coverage.  Looking for ways to better support her health and wellness, a friend suggested essential oils and we were hooked..  My daughter has been using the oils regularly for over two years and she is enjoying the non-stop activity level that a  7 year-old should. 

Our story with the oils however doesn't end there.  In 2013 I became very sick, experiencing hair loss, weight gain and exhaustion, and constantly battling a cold of some kind. After 6 months of being misdiagnosed by one doctor, I luckily got a second opinion and found another doctor who was able to properly diagnose me.  However, my diagnosis was a shock to my family.  I was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive illness which is very unusual for my age group, but I had it.  My immune system was down and I was now really scared.  I had not been using the oils because my main concern was my daughter, not myself.  This diagnosis stopped me in my tracks and had me rethinking everything. I had the tumors removed and I am still in remission and plan to do my very best to keep it that way.  I lost the weight, my hair has grown back, and my energy level is back up to keep up with two very active girls. My essential oils have helped boost my immune system and gotten me through this ordeal making me a firm believer in the benefits they provide.

I truly believe our health care system is just broken. The whole system is designed to make your symptoms go away and treat disease instead of finding the true cause (putting out raging fires, instead of preventing them from starting in the first place).  So few people are interested in living a whole life that is healthy from the inside out. In learning about essential oils, I have found a whole new way to help people take control of their wellbeing and be happy and healthy in the process.

So to answer the question – “Why should I use Essential Oils?”

Answer - They are powerful and can truly make a difference in your Life.

So why not start now!

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